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Revisional Orthodontics

The Orthodontic Centre

Revisional Orthodontics Glen Waverley

Revisional orthodontics, also known as corrective or re-treatment orthodontics, is a specialised field within orthodontics that focuses on addressing the concerns and issues of patients who are dissatisfied with the results of their previous orthodontic treatment.

It aims to correct any remaining or new orthodontic problems and provide patients with the desired outcome.

It addresses issues such as relapse (teeth shifting back to their original positions), unresolved dental problems, aesthetic concerns, and functional difficulties that may not have been adequately addressed during the initial treatment.

Here is a patient of Dr. Katie Xu’s who wasn’t happy with the progress of her Invisalign treatment commenced overseas. Our orthodontist placed personalised braces back on for 10 months to achieve a perfectly symmetric smile transformation.

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