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Preventative Orthodontic Treatment

Preventative Orthodontics Glen Waverley

What is Preventative Orthodontic Treatment?

A proactive approach to orthodontics that addresses orthodontic issues in children at a younger age, typically between the ages of 7 to 11, before all of their adult teeth have erupted.

It is focused on preventing or reducing the severity of orthodontic problems that may become more challenging to correct in the future.

Here are some of the common issues that can be treated in younger children to help improve their chewing abilities, comfort and confidence.

  • Open Bite
  • Severe Crowding
  • Spacing
  • Posterior Cross Bite
  • Anterior Cross Bite
  • Deep Bite
  • Abnormal Eruption of teeth
  • Buck Teeth
  • Reverse bite / Underbite seen in the patient to the left, treated by Dr. Katie Xu to correct the bite and create more space for erupting adult teeth

Treatment may involve custom made plates, partial braces or sometimes clear aligners. It is typically shorter in duration (6-9 months).

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