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Protrusive or Bucky Teeth

Protrusive or Bucky Teeth Alignment Glen Waverley

Protrusive or "Buck" Teeth

Various factors can contribute to front teeth protrusion, including prolonged thumbsucking, a small lower jaw, or crowding which causes the front teeth to be pushed excessively forward.

Excessively protrusive front teeth can often prevent the upper and lower lips meeting, resulting in speech problems and/or swollen gums.

Front teeth protrusion also poses a heightened risk of damage from impacts and accidents, potentially resulting in chips or even complete loss of these teeth. 

Moreover, protruding front teeth often indicate a mismatch between the upper and lower teeth and jaws.

This patient has been treated with removal of 2 upper premolar teeth and braces to retract the protrusive front teeth. Her treatment took 17 months with Dr. Katie Xu.

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