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Narrow Upper Jaw

The Orthodontic Centre

Correct Narrow Upper Jaw Glen Waverley

A narrow upper jaw refers to a condition where the upper jaw’s width is insufficient, leading to dental issues such as crowding, misalignment, crossbites, and impacted teeth.

Treatment options for children typically involve using expanders to gradually widen the upper jaw, encouraging proper jaw development. In adults, orthodontic treatment with braces or clear aligners may be used, sometimes in conjunction with procedures such as jaw surgery.

By creating space and correcting crossbites, expanders promote optimal jaw development for long-term stability. It’s crucial to commence treatment early, often around ages 8-10 to maximise the jaws developmental potential.

Failure to intervene early can result in asymmetrical jaw and tooth alignment, potentially necessitating surgical intervention later on for correction.

Here is a patient of Dr. Katie Xu, treated with an expander and detailing with braces.

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