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Jaw Problems

The Orthodontic Centre

Jaw Problems

Sometimes, jaw growth may deviate from its expected dimensions, either falling short or exceeding them, often influenced by genetic or environmental factors. Individuals affected by such discrepancies commonly express dissatisfaction with their jaw, teeth, and overall facial appearance.

Some cases of jaw size mismatch can be greatly improved with early orthodontic treatment. These can include treatment with functional appliances, plates or partial braces to work along natural growth.

More severe jaw size discrepancies may require orthodontic treatment combined with orthognathic surgery. This not only repositions the teeth but also to realign the jaws. Our practice closely collaborates with experienced oral maxillofacial surgeons to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Once the jaws are in proportion, the bite is often much more comfortable and there is a marked improvement to facial and dental aesthetics.

Here is a patient with a small lower jaw and a deep bite. Dr Katie Xu used upper ceramic braces, lower metal braces and lower jaw surgery for noticeable improvement in bite and facial profile.

Jaw Surgery

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