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Impacted Teeth

The Orthodontic Centre

Impacted Teeth Alignment Glen Waverley

Impacted or stuck teeth arise when they develop in an abnormal position and/or an obstruction hinders their path during development. Canine teeth are the most commonly impacted teeth, potentially leading to severe issues if left untreated, particularly if they damage the roots of adjacent front teeth.

While there is a genetic predisposition to impacted teeth, insufficient space within the mouth can also be a contributing factor.

Treatment typically involves creating space and aligning teeth with braces or aligners. In some cases, it may be necessary to surgically expose the impacted tooth to facilitate its proper positioning.

This patient presented at age 12 years old, with failure of the upper left canine to erupt. Dr Katie Xu used braces to open up an excess of space to encourage the spontaneous eruption of the canine tooth, as well as guide the position of this tooth and finally detail the alignment and bite.

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