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What We Fix

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth refer to teeth that are not aligned properly, appearing twisted or overlapping.


Crossbites can lead to problems such as uneven wear of teeth, jaw pain, and difficulty chewing or speaking.

Teeth Sticking Out

Various factors can contribute to front teeth protrusion, including prolonged thumbsucking.

Impacted Teeth

Impacted or stuck teeth arise when an obstruction hinders their descent during development.

Jaw Problems

At times, jaw growth may not reach its necessary dimensions or may exceed them.

Missing Teeth

Orthodontic treatment aims to address these issues comprehensively, ensuring that gaps are closed.

Narrow Upper Jaw

Can give rise to several dental issues, including crooked teeth, crossbites, front teeth protrusion, and impacted teeth.


Refers to an excessive overlap of the front teeth, which can result in inadequate support for either the upper / lower teeth.

Spacing (Gaps In Teeth)

can occur when there is excessive space for the teeth or when the tongue exerts pressure, pushing the teeth forward.

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